• Gun Drilling Machine

    Gun Drilling Machine

    CNC Gun Drilling Machine Shandong Deshen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Single/double/four spindle gun drilling machine Hole drilling range: 1mm-40mm Hole drilling depth: up to 4000mm Automatic loading and uploading system are available Application: Medical instrument, Automobile, aerospace, mould and die, hydraulic equipment, military, etc
  • Mirco hole gun drilling machine

    Mirco hole gun drilling machine

    Machine Breif: Drillng range Φ1.0~Φ10mm Max drilling depth 500mm Max.job length to diameter ratio  60:1 Job OD range Φ8~Φ40mm Gundrilling method single/double/four spindles structure could work one/two/fourjobs at the same time. This machine sturcture is suitable for long bar. Headstock drive the workpiece rotate,consistant speed is 120r/minHydraulic center rest and linear guide rail. CNC controller Siemens-808D Drill box Servo main spindle drive. Machine main parame...
  • Three Axis Gun drilling machine

    Three Axis Gun drilling machine

    Three Axis Gun drilling machine Dezhou Deshen  Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. CNC control: X, Y,Z axis are CNC controlled Solid Drilling: 3mm-100mm( BTA and gun drilling combined system) Hole drilling depth: up to 3000mm Machine working system: Gun drilling and BTA drilling indexable working table is optional Application: It has the function of drilling straight hole, inclined hole, blind hole and step hole. Widely used in automobile, motorcycle industry, mould industry, military industry...